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Tomahawk Sharpening Service Sharpening Gator

Tomahawks & Tactical Military Axes Sharpened

The Sharpening Shack takes the extra-time needed to make sure your tomahawk is extra-sharp, so that you can use it for offensive, survival or bushcraft purposes.

We know how important it is to get your United Cutlery M48, Cold Steel Trench, Benchmade 172, SOG Tactical or RMJ Tactical Tomahawks sharpened to better than factory edges. For as little as $10, let the Sharpening Shack turn your tomahawk into a weapon or survival tool.

Types of Tomahawks Sharpened: $10 each

United tactical Tomahawk Sharpening
SOG Tactical Tomahawk Sharpening

United M48 Tomahawk Sharpened

SOG Tomahawk Sharpened

Cold Steel Trench Tomahawk Sharpening
RMJ Tactical Tomahawk Sharpening

Cold Steel Trench Tomahawk Sharpened

RMJ Tactical Tomahawk Sharpened

Type of Blade Grinds (Convex, Sabre or Hollow-Ground edges)

At the Sharpening Shack, we professionally sharpen all types of tomahawks. About 90% of the time we will sharpen the your tomahawk with a convex primary edge for lasting durability while not giving up to much in sharpness. The convex-edge in more ideal for bushcraft, camping, chopping and throwing.

You may request an edge with more slicing capabilities for softer materials. If that is your tomahawks primary purpose, we can sharpen the edge with a "Sabre or Hollow-Ground" edge. This edge type is prone to dull quickly because the edge will roll-over when striking harder objects,d for slicing softer objects,.

Images of convex, saber and hoolow-ground edges are shown below..

Axe & Tomahawk Grinds

Convex Grind Sharpening for Axe -------Convex Edge-----

---Sabre Ground Edge for Axe

Some of our Work......

Benchmade 172 Tomahawk Sharpening

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