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Fixed-Blade & Collectors Knives For Sale Sharpy Gator

The Sharpening Shack is your source of hard to find quality knives!!!

Looking for a quality low priced "every day carry knife", or a specific knife you have not been able to find in the stores? Well look no further, as we have access to over 10,000 knives. Please just email us or call us at 619-746-8008 with the knife details you are looking for and we will supply you with a quote. Knives can be picked-up or mailed to you.

Fixed Blade & Collectable Knives - For Sale

CRKT Ultima Knife

Crkt Ultia Fixed blade Knife

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CRKT Ultima Tactical Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Today's tactical fixed blade knives still resemble the first Bronze Age daggers of 4000 years ago, especially in their handle design. Michael Martinez, sculptor, inventor, and martial artist, didn't start out to redesign the fixed blade, but he explains, "In my edged weapons training, I kept noticing how many knives didn't feel right, didn't have a grip that gave both control and comfort in the four fundamental tactical grips." Michael's design firm, Group Design, Inc., reached out to a team of medical specialists for the answer. Their Ultima™ achieves 22 out of 23 ideal contact points with its unique patent-pending handle.

The injection-molded black Zytel® scales feature over 70 triangular grip segments, separated by sipes, or "ooze grooves" which channel away water, mud and oil. Horizontal grooves are placed under the fingertips for optimum feel. Because tactical knives are inevitably used as pry bars, Michael's team created a butt pry tip as an extension of the blade tang, with a rounded tip.

The larger Ultima models feature 6.75" full-tang blades of 1.4116 stainless steel with a light bead-blast finish. They are available with Razor-Sharp or Combination Razor-Sharp and Veff™ Serrated edges.

Tactical Sheath. The Ultima's custom black Cordura®/Zytel® sheath has an injection-molded liner. Dual belt loops are Velcro® adjustable. For maximum versatility, there are ample grommets with a length of 550 paracord included, an adjustable leg strap, plus a slotted sheath back that can mount on MOLLE gear. Removable security handle straps with snaps give access and security. A utility pocket with a Fastex™ buckle will carry a variety of folding knives, multipurpose tools or sharpeners.

Blade: Length: 6.75" (171 mm)
Thickness: 0.18" (4.5 mm)
Steel: 1.4116, 55-57 HRC
Knife: Overall length: 11.625" (295 mm)
Weight: 9.4 oz. (266 g)
Sheath (included with knife)
Material: Cordura/Zytel
Overall length: 14.37" (365 mm)
Width: 3.031" (77 mm)
Weight: 7.5 oz. (213 g)

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Fixation Dagger by SOG
fixation Dagger Knife Sheath by SOG

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Fixation Dagger Knife by SOG

SOG Fixation Dagger. An economical choice developed by the experts at SOG along with experienced military consultants. SOG has a reputation for producing some of the finest production fixed blades in the world.

Well, the reputation continues: Seamless fits between blade and cross guard, wrap-around checkered handles, blade grooves, thumb notches, spanner nuts, and crossguard cutouts all say this Knife is as distinctive as you are. Great balance and proportion make these knives very agile. Let SOG's Fixation become yours! The product of a passion:

Blade length: 6.675" x .2"
Overall length: 11.875"
Weight: 8.3 oz.
Edge: Straight / serrated
Steel: Cr13MoV; HRC: 52-54
Handle: Kraton
Finish: Black Oxide
Sheath: Nylon.

Order yours today!

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Fusion Fixation Bowie by SOG
Fusion Fixation Bowie with Sheath by SOG

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Fusion Fixation Bowie Knife by SOG

Military - minded tactical SOG Fixation Bowie Knife, ON SALE! Classic military styling, SOG total quality! Ready for deployment in your own collection. The knife experts at SOG didn't miss a beat with their Fixation series.

Seamless fit and finish, combined with lasting, top-quality 8CR13 MOV steel. Don't miss a sharp bargain when you see one... this Fixation is yours for LESS!

  • Specifications:
    Razor-sharp 6 2/3 8CR MOV steel blade black oxidized; Partial serration on opposite edge
  • Kraton handle, wraparound-checkered for improved grip
  • Full-tang construction; Steel fingerguard and pommel
  • Blood groove and thumb notch in blade
  • Includes nylon sheath for easy carrying
  • Measures 11 7/8"l. overall
  • Weighs 9 ozs.

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Meyerco Necklance

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Meyerco Necklance Neck Knife

This is the new Blackie Collins Designed neck knife.  Overall length is 6 1/8 ".


  • Overall length: 6 1/8"
  • Blade length: 3"
  • Blade material: 440 stainless blade with bead blast finish
  • Blade detail: Plain
  • Handle material: Black glass filled nylon
  • Sheath: Black glass filled nylon sheath with neck lanyard

If you have a question about placing an order with us please email us or call at: 619-746-8008

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